Mary Widdifield and Elin Widdifield

Behind the Wall



bookBehind the Wall is where families harbor untold stories. They start when a loved one’s mental illness begins to manifest, changing the lives of everyone around them.

Although nearly 20 million Americans suffer from a serious mental illness, there remains a stigma against brain disorders, discouraging honesty and understanding. Often conflated with violence, mental illness remains hidden behind misconceptions.

But when the true stories are told, healing begins. It’s a perspective unique to parents, the people who were there from the beginning, the only people who lived with their loved one’s mental illness every day, who fought lonely battles on their behalf, who brought their insights to the medical profession, and who helped chart a course for hope and recovery.

Behind the Wall is where we begin telling those stories, sharing each little victory as we break through the stigma.

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NAMI Omaha Endorses Behind the Wall:

As a board member of a NAMI Affiliate Group (The National Alliance on Mental Illness), I cannot say enough about how helpful this book is for family members. It portrays our trials honestly without reservation. I recommend this book for use in NAMI’s Family-to-Family education classes.

The book often mention’s NAMI’s support groups and the life-changing Family-to-Family experience for caretakers. We, who experience these challenges of caretaking in our homes, are desperate to make connection to those with similar experiences. This book is one way to connect…
Many thanks,